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Astrology is an ancient and advanced knowledge, it is the study of the movements of the stars, planets and other cosmic bodies, as well as the influences they have on all lives.


Chart Reading(s) and Treatment(s)

"A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician."

I embrace and honor the contribution of all branches of Astrology, from the traditional practice to the modern approach.
My Quantum & Holistic Practice is influenced by this science and its spiritual aspect.


I have always had an innate understanding about the spiritual implication of Astrology, how the celestial bodies support and or affect the way we flow through life. Contemplating the Sun-rising, Sun-setting, New-moon, Full-moon, Solstices, Equinoxes, Eclipses and Star-gazing acknowledging how much of our journey on Earth, evolution and involution, has developed because of the relationship with the Cosmos.

The Natal Chart allows us to understand our blue-print and mechanics. Once a chart is casted it is possible to identify one's strengths and weaknesses, also possible themes and challenges that one might face during their journey.

For instance, a person that came to this planet and their natal chart indicates a strong presence of the water element, it suggests this person is quite emotional. What if this person does not know how to differentiate their emotions and feelings from others, absorbing the unhealthy energies around them.

Or, a person which their chart lacks on the earth element, this person might have a lack of stability, which can cause difficulties to integrate ideas, projects, nor having consistency to finish what they have started. The outcome is emotional, mental, physical and or spiritual distress, which can affect their relationships, studies, finances, etc.

What about the hard aspects between two planets? Perhaps causing healthy issues, financial challenges, bad relationships. 

A chart reading allow us to identify personal, academic, social, professional challenges, hardships and or setbacks, pre-disposition for a disease or disorder (cancer, diabetes, migraine, alcoholism, etc...) and more.

It is possible to improve the quality of your horoscope, understand the lessons, heal the vices and live its highest octave.

I can help you to identify hard aspects, contemplate, understand, embrace, and release the weak points of your chart. I have developed an approach that focus on re-writing the Astrological Limiting Beliefs. Not only addressing the causation but bringing a new imprint - activating new receptors, instilling positive downloads, healing on a Personal, Genealogical, Mundane and Spiritual Levels. It is said that before we incarnate on Earth, our Spirit passes through the celestial bodies, shaping itself, receiving a blue-print - we are here to involve and evolve, mainly to acquire virtues. I can help you to understand your chart, consequently address your physical and spiritual needs, so you can experience emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellness. 

Medical Astrology 

"There is an ancient theory of wellness and illness that speaks directly to lifestyle questions. This medical model can still be used today to understand Temperament*, not only from a psychological standpoint, but also from the perspective of body type, susceptibility to certain types of conditions.

The Classical Medical Model was given by Hippocrates.

The characterization of Temperament or complexion is vital to the design of an effective lifestyle program for wellness. The idea is simple: we are compromised by hot, cold, wet and dry. The relative ratio of these four components induce what we might call a field matrix: a cluster of temperamental and biological tendencies. This balance, in turn, can be threatened by stress, aging, or astrological transits or other dynamic indicators. The balance can be partially or completely restored through dietary and exercise practices. But this can only be done by understanding the original balance, and how it got out of equilibrium". Excerpt from Dr. Lee Lehman's work.

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Horary Astrology

It is a question-based Astrology.

Horary is a specific branch of Astrology whereby the astrologer casts a chart for the moment a question is received. It's applied to bring light onto a specific dillemma.

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Throughout my journey, this current life time and several others, I became familiar with the work of many beings, (masters, sages, mystics, scholars and teachers) that have contributed to help humankind via the teachings (transmissions) that they channeled or through the synthesis (compilation) of different approaches (philosophies/sciences) that allowed them to unveil a new technique.
We have been granted several tools that can support our human revolution and spiritual growth. We have been presented with several ancient philosophies and also the beauty of science (Astrology/Astronomy, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Botany).
Humanity has been blessed by many teachings, from Hermeticism, I-ching and Tao Te Ching, Gnosticism, Non-dualism, Kabbalah to Theosophy and Anthroposophy, among other amazing philosophies. Including Ayuverdic Medicine (Yoga), Chinese Medicine (Chi Gong), and Hawaiian Huna Medicine (Lā'au lapa'au, Lā'au Kahea, Ho'oponopono and Lomilomi). And many other techniques, such as:
Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Family Constellation, Human Design, ThetaHealing, Access Consciousness, Shamanism (Crystal Therapy, Sound Therapy, Remote Viewing and Axiatonal Alignment), these are some of the many options human beings have in order to understand more about themselves and life itself.
And they all supported me, giving a structure to my innate wisdom. When providing a treatment to a person, an animal, a plant, any being, I am guided by Source, and I allow The Creator of All That Is to express itself through me, and I witness its wondrous work (no particular format, it just is). My mission is to teach people how to help themselves, remind them they can become their best version, and excel in their on field, honoring their uniqueness and individuality, knowing that they are one with of All Life - Healings happen in many ways.
The best thing you can render the world is your own self-realization.
I can help you to see what you are missing out. Also, I can teach you how you can help yourself and improve all aspects of your life, from personal, social, academic, to your professional life.

The quality of your life can be improved and I am ready to help you.

Natal Chart

(Report, Reading & Treatment)

The Natal Chart is the basis for everything. It describes the patterns that your soul chose to experience, develop and master during this lifetime.

This is an all-purpose interpretations birth chart report that includes:

  • Life goals, education, relationships (family, ideal mate and others) skills, career, health, challenges and other aspects of your life.

NOTE: When selecting this service you are to receive your natal chart and its written interpretation - a detailed PDF, approx. 25 pages of insightful and informative text, within 72 hours.

Treatment: My scope is to help you to understand your natal chart, the positive and weak attributes, the tendencies of your psyche, conscious and subconscious mind. I will also help you to understand more about your body type, (sanguine, melancholic, choleric, and or phlegmatic) how it affects or contributes to your daily life. We'll analyze Natal Indicators for Health (vitality) & Disease. In addition to that, we'll focus on what cause imbalances, discuss and contemplate them. We'll discuss about complementary treatments/approaches that are suitable to you, if or when necessary. Eventually we will calibrate and improve your field - addressing your natal chart, the subconscious limiting beliefs - we'll activate new and high vibrational receptors and instill positive downloads.

It is important that you read your report prior our session/treatment, acknowledge your strengths and the aspects that need to be improved. So, we can focus on what you perceive as weak points, and also the ones I can point out.

P.S.: After payment is done. Please, send us an email, informing your full name, location of birth (town/city/state/country) and time of birth.

If you are a returning client, and you still want to work on the aspects of you Natal Chart, then I encourage you to go ahead and book your next session via


Please, contact us via e-mail to check availability (date and time).

Chart Report + Reading + Treatment
1 hr 30 min | $225

AHorary and or Medical

(Reading & Treatment)

Reading: Horary and or Medical Chart - it is a snapshot (analysis) of what is happening in your life, we'll focus on one specific question related to either Relationship, Family, Career, Work, Relocation or *Health. My scope is to help you to understand, contemplate, and assist you to address the matter in the highest and best way.

*Health: whatever the dis-ease condition may be - emotional, mental, physical or spiritual.

Treatment: After casting a chart based on your question, we will interpret the positive and weak points of the chart. Eventually, through my Professional and Innate Intuitive Abilities, I can assist you to understand, harmonize and improve what is taking place in your field (life).

P.S.: After payment is done. Please, send us an email, informing describing what is happening. Also your full name, location of birth (town/city/state/country) and time of birth.


Please, contact us via e-mail to check availability (date and time).

Reading + Treatment
1 hr | $180


During your first session, we are to focus directly on what it is causing you to be distressful, uncomfortable, concerned about your life state. You are granted the treatment you are ready to receive at that very moment, that may include a guidance, or an instantaneous blessing. A treatment may give you a deep understanding about the core of your situation. It allows you to have the clarity and the relief needed to carry on with your life. At times, you feel encouraged to continue with additional sessions, so you learn how to sustain a high-vibrational life state, by developing virtues.



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