Native Hawaiian Traditional Arts includes:
Lā‘au lapa‘au; Lā'au Kāhea; Ho’oponopono, Lomilomi and more.

Lā‘au lapa‘au is a traditional medical practice adopted by native Hawaiians. The Hawaiian words Lāʻau and lapaʻau mean vegetation and treat, heal, or cure respectively. This practice involves using native plants, herbs and spirituality to treat ailments and injuries.

Lā'au Kāhea is an ancient Hawaiian shamanic healing form which means literally "Healing with The Call". Traditionally it was considered the highest form of healing and was reserved as the final healing protocol offered after all others had been applied. When the practitioner of Lā'au Kāhea comes to the session with a pure heart accompanied by a mind attuned to the pool of Infinite Consciousness, the kahuna (master) uses their voice to open a direct portal to God/Source, connects vibrationally with the frequencies of all the modalities, integrates and harmonizes them, catalyzing healing and awakening at the most profound level.

In the ancient world of our ancestors, Sound is The Word. It has the power to create and destroy.

This approach, it is a spiritual healing through prayers and chants.

Up to this date, a kahuna aloha specialized in inducing love and the kahuna 'anā'anā (supposed "witch doctor") both healed and prayed people to death.

To be Lā'au Kāhea Kahuna, one is chosen and gifted from God and the Ancient Ancestors. It means the healer has proven their worthiness of holding the Light of Creation by living in Trust and Integrity to the highest law of creation - ALOHA.

Ho’oponopono It's an ancient Hawaiian technique that focus on relationship betterment. Ho'oponopono means "to make right". It is now used in modern times to heal issues with others by healing the part of yourself that’s connected to the issue. This in turn changes the world around you in very positive ways and also can help you manifest the life you really want. This technique can be learned and used at home for continuing self-care.

Lomilomi Traditional, spiritual and physical muscle stress relaxation by licensed therapists.

Pale Keiki Mother and child care, before, during and after birth.


In-person & Remotely


The ancient Hawaiian Health System was well developed. It included medical profession, medicines, and treatments.

Healing treatments and Apprenticeship programs were held by a kahuna. The activities took place at special healing heiau (temples), waterfalls, spring or salty waters.

HŪNĀ Philosophy

Hūnā has been reduced to an exoteric study. But it has not changed and, the Laws that made Hūnā operable many generations ago are still in existence.

The knowledge of how to work those laws can still be learned.

One doesn’t need to have any natural psychic abilities in order to successfully practice Hūnā Philosophy, nor does one need to painstakingly develop these abilities before being able to practice Hūnā Philosophy. It is simply a system that allows for psychic development in the natural course of its practice.

Did you know that...

Education was sacred as knowledge was a way of achieving this power. If a parent sensed a child had a "healing spirit" enabling them to become a doctor, the child would be sent to live and study with a kahuna from as young as five years of age and they would spend upwards of fifteen to twenty years in training. During this time they studied anatomy, learned how to diagnose disease, how to choose the right cures or medicines (particularly the use of medicinal plants), and learned sacred prayers. They also learned how to perform simple surgical procedures, set bones and perform autopsies. They employed the use of steam baths, massage, and laxatives and undertook empirical research.

Since the Hawaiians viewed the body, mind and spirit as one, Hawaiians believed that the body could not be healed without healing the spirit. Accordingly, they used a combination of psychic, spiritual, and natural treatments to cure illnesses.

In particular, before a patient was treated, the kahuna performed a ritual of ho'oponopono (making things right), a type of counseling with the aid of prayer to cleanse the mind and heart of negative thoughts and feelings.

Banned by the early missionaries as pagan ritual, today ho'oponopono is included in the traditional Hawaiian Healing programs now being offered globally

To ancient Hawaiians, mana (spiritual power) was necessary to be a truly successful practitioner


  • Kahuna ha'iha'i iwi who were skilled in setting broken bones.
  • Kahuna hāhā who diagnosed illnesses by feeling with the fingers.
  • Kahuna ho'ohānau keiki who delivered babies.
  • Kahuna ho'ohāpai keiki who induced pregnancy.
  • Kahuna lā'au lapa'au who treated patients with herbs; they were the general practitioners.
  • Kahuna lomilomi who were physical therapists and also skilled in massage.
  • Kahuna pā'ao'ao who diagnosed and treated illnesses of infants.


In a time not registered by history, an ancient continent kept a sacred wisdom: the secret to a happy, abundant life.

For centuries, legends about the lost continent of MU (civilization - Lemuria) have spread across the planet. This land was prosperous and the wise people, possessing a deep knowledge of the soul and the human mind.

In Hawaii, a sacred knowledge was preserved, Hūnā philosophy, which since remote times is the term used by the natives of Hawai'i, Hūnā means “secret”. However, unlike the term suggests, the objective of Hūnā philosophy is not to keep hidden knowledge, but to understand the secret side of all things using them for growth, i.e. we can say that in a more comprehensive meaning of Hūnā means “knowledge of life secrets”.

The principles of Hūnā philosophy

These secrets of good living have been translated into seven fundamental principles!


Hawaiian Healing Arts Workshop

Duration: 1 day, approx. 6 hours

(No pre-requisites)

Price: 450$ USD


  • History - Introduction to the Hawaiian Culture;
  • Mythology;
  • Hūnā 7 fundamental principles;
  • Hawaiian Shamanism;
  • Healing Technique(s);
  • Lā'au Kāhea;
  • Prayer(s) in Hawaiian;
  • Chant(s) in Hawaiian;
  • Ho’oponopono.

Classes are offered in-person or *remotely ( via Zoom )

  •  Everyone is welcome ( If you are under 18 y.o. you need parental/ guardian consent );
  •  Same numbers of days and hours ( in-person or remotely );
  •  Live ( Real time, nothing is pre-recorded );
  •  Includes: Handouts ( Same material is utilized in-person or remotely );
  •  Certificate of Attendance ( *digital or hard-copy ).
  • You are also encouraged to read Terms and Conditions.


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