Crystal Remote Viewing of the Soul

How do you benefit from the Crystal Technique?

  • Experiencing the most relevant past and/ or future lives, learning from their dynamics and relationships.  Therefore, creating a deeper understanding of  patterns and your behaviors;
  • You can view, collect and download the relevant information, knowledge and gifts you possessed;
  • Experiencing your past and future life relationships with your lover. Granting a possibility to review, understand, forgive, embrace, be grateful for what you are to unfold this current life time;
  • Knowing and recognizing your Divine Soul Mate when they arrive;
  • Communicating to an ancestor, a master, a guardian angel/ archangel, your higher self and oversoul, and mainly to the Creator of All That Is, so you can receive inspiration and guidance;
  • Breaking and clearing destructive patterns of fear and negative emotions to help understanding where they originated;
  • Seeing, feeling and knowing your future.


Crystal Remote Viewing of the Soul

Practitioner Workshop in-person only

Duration : 1 day, approx. 6 hours

Pre-requisites: Basic DNA; Advanced DNA; and Dig Deeper (Theta Healing).

Everyone is welcome

Minimum age: 18 y.o. 


  • Manual and eye-mask;
  • Certificate of attendance.

Price: $450 USD

Dress-code: sweatpants (soft trousers) and comfortable (tops) t-shirt.


Policies, Terms and Conditions

In-person or Remotely classes

  • The student is required to be present everyday, (courses/ seminars/ workshops which the duration ranges from 1 to 5 days).
  • Courses and/ or Seminars that last 10 or more days, the student is allowed to miss one (1) day. If 2 days are missed, the certificate will be held until the missed time is made up (private/ paid classes must be arranged to compensate the 2 days. Fee 200$ USD per day, approx. 6 hours per day). Anyone missing more than (3) days will not qualify to graduate from the course/ seminar, (no reimbursement whatsoever).
  • Students must participate in all discussions and exercises.
  • Be on time. Being continually late applies to being absent.
  • Breaks are scheduled as 2 of 15 minutes and 1 of 30 minutes, for classes that last approx. 6 hours day.
  • If you can not be consciously present due to substance abuse, then you will be asked to leave. Eventually, your enrollment is automatically cancelled, (no reimbursement whatsoever).
  • We know that all of you are very talented, and represent many modalities, but please do not use the class time to try to teach your views. We focus on the philosophy related to the seminar you signed up for.
  • Anyone not adhering to these rules must be asked to leave.


  • If a student pays for the course/ seminar/ workshop and then changes his or her mind for any reason, a cancellation will be arranged and the refund of any payment is provided unless the request is placed 3 days (72 hours) prior the commencement of the 1st class. No reimbursement is effectuated if not prior the period established.
  • If a request for cancellation is placed the administration of the course/ seminar/ workshop is to deduct 15% from the total price. The 15% is equivalent a deposit, (to cover administrative costs).


It requires that you to attend it in-person. For further details, feel free to contact us.