Crystal Remote Viewing of the Soul

How do you benefit from the Crystal Technique?

  • Experiencing the most relevant past and/ or future lives, learning from their dynamics and relationships.  Therefore, creating a deeper understanding of  patterns and your behaviors;
  • You can view, collect and download the relevant information, knowledge and gifts you possessed;
  • Experiencing your past and future life relationships with your lover. Granting a possibility to review, understand, forgive, embrace, be grateful for what you are to unfold this current life time;
  • Knowing and recognizing your Divine Soul Mate when they arrive;
  • Communicating to an ancestor, a master, a guardian angel/ archangel, your higher self and oversoul, and mainly to the Creator of All That Is, so you can receive inspiration and guidance;
  • Breaking and clearing destructive patterns of fear and negative emotions to help understanding where they originated;
  • Seeing, feeling and knowing your future.


Crystal Remote Viewing of the Soul

Practitioner Workshop in-person only

Duration : 1 day, approx. 6 hours

Pre-requisites: Basic DNA; Advanced DNA; and Dig Deeper (Theta Healing).

Everyone is welcome

Minimum age: 18 y.o. 


  • Manual and eye-mask;
  • Certificate of attendance.

Price: $450 USD

Dress-code: sweatpants (soft trousers) and comfortable (tops) t-shirt.


It requires that you to attend it in-person. For further details, feel free to contact us.