Terms & Conditions

-You are to be called on the phone number you provided upon your booking. If you need to alter the phone number (or media) you wish to be contacted, please notify me asap;
-If you wish to have your reading/treatment face-to-face remotely, the options are Zoom or Skype.
ZOOM: You may need to download the app or browser extension. Do so at https://zoom.us/download. Afterwards, I will set up your Zoom web meeting, eventually an email is sent to you with a private link to access the meeting room in regards to your session.
SKYPE: Provide your Skype name or email so I can set up your Skype meeting.

-We will start the reading at your appointment time, on time;
-If you are late for your appointment (less than 15 minutes), your reading/ treatment still ends at the originally scheduled time as I must prepare for the client following you.

No recordings may be broadcasted publicly.

Advanced notice is required for rescheduling any appointment(s). If you need to reschedule a confirmed appointment, a 24-hour notice is mandatory.
There is a cancellation fee of $30 (USD) in case you cancel a confirmed appointment with less than 24 hours of your appointment.
Missed & Late Appointments:
-Missed appointments will result in the loss of the reading/treatment fee. A refund will not be processed. And/ or If you are more than 15 minutes late for any reason, the appointment is considered missed/forfeited;
A missed appointment is a missed opportunity not only for you, but other clients that are eager to have a reading/treatment.

Once you purchased your session(s), you may only transfer to members of the same family, the ones directly connected with you, living in the same household - not transferrable to relatives, acquaintances, friends, or co.workers.

You certainly can buy a session/ or sessions to someone else, as a gift, with the consent and confirmation of the very person which is to be granted, yet the session(s) are not transferable to other individuals.

-Remaining/ Open session(s) have no expiry date.

Love & Gratitude,
Kealoha Cristiano Okalani