Human Design

What Are the Origins of Human Design?

Human Design is a system combining several holistic principles, including the I-Ching, Vedic philosophy, Hindu-Brahmin Chakra System, Kabbalah, Astrology, and Quantum Physics.

The concept was developed by Alan Robert Krakower who released a book called The Human Design System in 1992, under the pseudonym Ra Uru Hu. He wrote the book following a spiritual experience in 1987, and dedicated his life to sharing his vision.

How Does Human Design Work?

A fundamental element of the theory behind Human Design is based around neutrinos, an aspect of Quantum Physics.

Neutrinos are electrically neutral particles with a tiny mass. The majority of neutrinos are produced by the Sun, and each second about 65 billion solar neutrinos pass through every square centimeter of the Earth facing the Sun.

Neutrinos typically pass through other matter undetected. In the context of Human Design, it’s suggested that they leave an imprint of information within the body as they do so.

This information determines your unique Human Design chart, and is represented on your BodyGraph, within energy centers.

The BodyGraph is uniquely coded, and understanding it essentially means understanding yourself, your own make-up, and how to negotiate the world in a way that reflects self-acceptance and authenticity.

Using the information you get from your personal chart, you’re equipped with practical guidance to help steer your decisions and choices, to effectively improve your life experience.

How? Instead of trying to fit the expectations placed upon us, or that we place upon ourselves, using our personalized design to help navigate us, we’re able to comfortably live in alignment with our true purpose.

The BodyGraph chart is a physical representation of how energy works for you.

It gives you your unique strategy for reducing or eliminating resistance in your life.

My mission is to provide you with your specific decision-making technique.

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After payment is done. Please, send us an email, informing your full name, location of birth (town/city/state/country) and time of birth, so we can get your BodyGraph done.

Reading and or Treatment

Please, contact us via e-mail to check availability (date and time) for a live chart reading.

Foundation BodyGraph Report

The Foundation & The Not-Self Reading

Read (below) the standard procedure for a 60 to 90 minute reading.

The BodyGraph Treatment

It is a 60 minute treatment. Read the description below.


Your first step is to order a customized report (around 15 pages).

The Rave BodyGraph Report includes:

- Your Full Rave Mandala Chart;

- Your Unconscious (Design) & Conscious (Personality) Charts;

- Your Type, Strategy, Authority and Profile;

- Your Personality Gates;

- Your Incarnation Cross Mandala; and

- Your DreamRave Chart (Learn more).

This is not an automated service and must be crated manually, so please allow up to 48-72 hours for delivery of your PDF.


The Foundation Reading is an analysis of your Human Design BodyGraph which includes The Four Views.

The Not-Self is the analysis of what causes imbalance and distress in your life.

  1. The Four Aura Types & Strategy

    Type embodies the very essence of The Human Design System. It’s the basis for the most practical, empowering and transformative information – your Authority & Strategy. Type is about your body, your genetics and your aura. It’s how you harmonize with the world around you and align with your true nature. Authority & Strategy helps you operate most efficiently.

  2. Your Personal (Inner) Authority – Your Decision Making Tool

    Did you know you’ve always had what it takes to make the correct decisions for your life? You’ve always had a trustworthy, personal Authority that you can rely on to make the correct choices. When you start practicing your Authority & Strategy, you align with your unique geometry. And, brilliantly, your genetic makeup, your reason for incarnating and your uniqueness are all expressed through you as your true self. Things just naturally fall gracefully into place.

  3. Your Definition

    How does your life force interact with the world? Some designs have no definition, others have a single flow of definition, and there are those that have two, three or even four different areas of definition or splits in their design. Understanding how our energy flows within and how it connects with others helps us understand our unique way of being, processing information and being in relationship.

  4. Your Profile

    What is the Costume you wear in life? Your Profile is an integral part of your differentiation as a unique individual. Taken from both your conscious and unconscious definition, it influences everything else you are. You may be an emotional Generator, for instance, sitting with three other emotional Generators, but if you have different Profiles you are very different people. Together with our Incarnation Cross, Profile allows us to live our purpose as our own authentic character on the stage of our life.

The Not-Self Reading presents the dilemmas (Design & Personality - Gates and Channels ) that exist in your Bodygraph, which your Not-Self Mind struggles with your True Self; And how you are designed genetically to interact with the energy of others without losing your unique self in the process.


The Human Design BodyGraph allows us to understand our blue-print and mechanics. Once a chart is casted it is possible to identify one's strengths and weaknesses, the innate themes and challenges based on their type, authority, strategy, profile, gates, lines, channels, circuit, incarnation cross, etc.

For instance, let's consider a person's BodyGraph which indicates they are a Generator Type, and let's say this is person is not living in accordance to their authority and strategy, therefore possibly experiencing frustration, rejection, emotional distress, besides that, let's say they have the gate to provoke other people, if this person does not work on their limiting beliefs, they will probably create and or attract unhealthy situations, emotional conflicts with others, because they are living through their Not-Self (the unhealed/ weak points of their BodyGraph).

It is possible to improve the quality of your BodyGraph, understand the lessons, heal the vices and live its highest octave.

I can help you to identify hard aspects, contemplate, understand, embrace, and release the weak points of your BodyGraph. I have developed an approach that focus on re-writing the limiting believes associate with each type, authority, strategy, profile, gates, lines, channels, circuit, incarnation cross, etc. Not only addressing the causation but bringing a new imprint - activating new receptors, instilling positive downloads, healing on a Cellular, Genetic, Collective and Soul Levels. It is said that before we incarnate on Earth, our Spirit passes through the celestial bodies, shaping itself, receiving a blue-print - we are here to involve and evolve, mainly to acquire virtues. I can help you to understand your BodyGraph, consequently address your physical and spiritual needs, so you can experience emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

This service is offered to those that have had a foundation reading previously by myself or another professional.


Holistic & Quantum Treatments

I am a licensed Hypnotherapist, Science Master Theta Healer, Psychological & Medical Astrologer, besides that I have several other professional trainings (Diplomas & Certificates).

When assisting someone's journey, in addition to my proficiency, I am Source-guided, I was born with highly intuitive abilities - I invite to go through my entire website so you might have an understanding of my skills.

The quality of your life can be improved and I am ready to help you.



During your first session, we are to focus directly on what it is causing you to be distressful, uncomfortable, concerned about your life state. You are granted the treatment you are ready to receive at that very moment, that may include a guidance, or an instantaneous blessing. A treatment may give you a deep understanding about the core of your situation. It allows you to have the clarity and the relief needed to carry on with your life. At times, you feel encouraged to continue with additional sessions, so you learn how to sustain a high-vibrational life state, by developing virtues.


P.S.: No discounts for the services on this page.

Love & Gratitude,
Kealoha Cristiano Okalani