Emotional Release with Essential Oils

Do you know what emotion is?

Emotion represents a mental state associated with thoughts and feelings. It is a conscious experience with intense mental activity and and a high degree of pleasure or discomfort. Emotion is often intertwined with personality, mood, temperament, past & future experiences, disposition and motivation.

The limbic system, often referred to as the “emotional brain”, resides within the cerebrum. This portion of the brain handles emotional response, hormone function, behavior, motivation, long-term memory, and sense of smell. Several other specialized areas reside within the limbic system, including:

  • Hippocampus – responsible for forming short- and long-term memories.
  • Amygdala – perceives emotions such as anger, fear, and sadness; plays a role in controlling aggression; helps store memories of events and emotions; also plays a role in sexual activity and libido.
  • Hypothalamus – controls reproduction, sleep patterns, and body homeostasis.
  • Thalamus – relays sensory information to the cerebral cortex. In addition to being closely tied to the sense of smell, you can see why our emotions can affect so many other things in our lives. The portion of your brain that governs emotions also plays a part in memory, sexual desire, reproduction, sleep, and overall homeostasis.

What is the Emotional Release procedure like?

  • The Emotional Release Process releases negative emotions of fear, exhaustion, and frustration stored on bodies (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual). It helps to release emotional traumas (blockages) that might have occurred this life time, or debris from other lives and their respective experiences. The procedure creates conditions for you to experience relief, balance, harmony and contentment.  Also, it enables you to align with your oversoul, therefor with spiritual path with ease.
  • The essential oils* used in energy work facilitates emotional release and vibrational protection, (* It can used/done aromatically or topically).
  • The process opens, activates and balances your energy centers.


It requires that you to attend it in-person. For further details, feel free to contact us.


Aromatherapy is a branch of botanical medicine using volatile and aromatic plant compounds. Because of the unique direct relationship between emotions and olfaction within the brain, essential oils can help activate positive memories and create positive emotions. When you breathe in an essential oil, molecules enter the limbic system and elicit an emotional response.

An aversion to a particular oil may indicate something more than just personal preference. It could actually be stirring an unpleasant emotional response. Conversely, oils that bring about positive emotions are likely favored. This is because aromas have an effect on your brain waves affecting your emotions.

When we inhale, an odorant molecule floats through the air into your nostrils, it lands on tiny hairs inside your nose called cilia. Then the cilia starts to vibrate, generating an electrical signal, this signal travels up to a receptor cell, which starts to bundle packets of smell information, and sends projections into the olfactory bulb. The smell information is even further bundled into packets that travel to the limbic system via pyramidal cells. In the limbic system, an emotional shift occurs in response to the smell. For example, we all know the experience of smelling something that triggers a memory of an experience you had.


Essential oils are plant extracts made from flowers, leaves, and seeds.  Some may have properties that can treat certain skin conditions, (some are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and have soothing properties). Some oils need to be diluted before usage.


Body Work


  1. Head  (Forehead, temples, ears neck and base of the skull)
  2. Chest
  3. Meridians (Shoulders, arms and hands)
  4. Abdomen
  5. Knees
  6. The soles of the feet

Note: Either Aromatically or Topically, if you have specific health concerns, talk to a healthcare professional before trying essential oils.


The Emotional Release Technique

It is a gentle and loving process that will help you release blockages and negative patterns from the body and subconscious mind. The technique will help restore balance in your life, and align body, mind, spirit to experience peace and harmony. This specialized technique uses essential oils to open and release blocked energy and emotions (such as guilt, fear, anger and frustration). And, then The Creator of All That Is replaces them with Light and Unconditional Love.


Emotional Release Practitioner

Workshop in-person only

Duration: 1 day, approx. 6 hours

Price: 450$ USD

Pre-requisites: Basic DNA; Advanced DNA; and Dig Deeper (Theta Healing).


  • Introduction on Essential Oils (origins; approaches; types; daily life usage; trainings and more);
  • Energy Centers and Emotions;
  • Mantras;
  • Emotional Release Technique.

Dress-code: sweatpants (soft trousers) and comfortable (tops) t-shirt.

  •  Everyone is welcome ( If you are under 18 y.o. you need parental/ guardian consent );
  •  Includes: Handouts;
  •  Certificate of Attendance;
  • You are also encouraged to read Terms and Conditions.