Palo Santo Incense Cones, 100% handmade, following a careful process of selection, storing, production, sanitizing and trading.


“The Incense Cones are handmade however we follow international standards of production so that we can get all the certifies for trading and exporting”.

How we make them....

It belongs to the Bursera Graveolens Family we found it within the dry tropical forest along the Pacific Coast South America’s.
We need to grind the wood and mix it with distilled water and a very special plant known as Muyuyo (Cordia Lutea).

“Our cones are made from ground Palo Santo, distilled water and Muyuyo exotic plant, we handle it very careful because it is very fragile and smooth until it is dried and ready for its sterilization before the packing and after for its shipment”.


Palo Santo in Ecuador, we can find it in some of provinces such as Manabi, Loja, Galapagos, Santa Elena, it grows within the dry Tropical Forest throughout America.

“20 years ago the Palo Santo Forest within the Manabi Province was in very bad condition, even in danger of disappear. It was due to the bad handling and lack of knowledge about this specie.
The ethical manufacturing of new products, running a yearly reforesting program and exporting the new products helped us protect and conserve the Palo Santo”.


Sustainable Palo Santo from Puerto Lopez, Ecuador, our Mission and Vision help us to boost the local development, protect and conserve the resources for the future. Protecting not only the Forest but the Community itself, we boost the local wealth creating a relationship between people and environment.

“It is not sustainable without equity, which means generating decent working conditions for everyone, from the collectors to the higher position in our company”.



Enjoy its unique aroma and the properties of Palo Santo in any space. Aromatic, Esoteric and Sanitizer.


  • 1 Pack (10 Cones).
  • All of our incenses are made with 100% natural wood with absolutely no artificialingredients and no harmful chemicals.
  • Our incenses have a refreshing fragrance that helps create a calming and joyful feeling - stress relief.
  • Our incenses are used in homes, offices and places of worship such as in churches andtemples - smudging, aromatic, meditation, and or spiritual practices.
  • Made in Ecuador.
  • Price: 3$ USD + 0,5% Hawai’i Tax per pack.


Shipping to other Hawaiian Islands, Alaska and USA Mainland only: 3 to 7 days = $16.10 dollars (1 USPS box fits up to 9 packages)

Personal Order: Minimum order 9 packs (90 cones) = $27 + 0.5% Hawai’i sales tax =  subtotal $27.13 + $16.10 (total $43.23).

Total $43.23   Equivalent $4.80 per pack.

International Orders: Please, send us an email to check availability, terms and conditions.


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